Kamphausen Media publishing house logo design
Publishing Brand

Kamphausen Media

The Challenge

Kamphausen is a publishing house specializing in self-improvement, philosophy, and mental health. The small company needed a new identity to reflect a modern reader and a growing team.

The Outcome

We developed a brand story around the theme "The Journey to Yourself" and captured the essence in the logo mark. The elegant display typeface Orpheus Pro complements the Bauhaus style Futura. Warm, natural colors that suggest a sunrise add personality to the brand.


Brand Strategy
Brand Revitalization
Web Design

This project was executed in collaboration with IAN – The Communication Agency
Kamphausen Media Rebranding before and afterKamphausen Media new website design

Creative Leitmotif

Journey to Yourself

The brand strategy resulted in the idea that reading Kamphausen books lead to a transformation of the reader. There's a magical moment when they discover new possibilities and worlds. The brand offers orientation for a very individual journey to yourself.

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