Engineering Brand


The Challenge

The engineering company grew dramatically over the course of four years. They legally needed a new company name for the new chapter in their history. We needed an identity that carried their legacy but also envisioned their future. No bells and whistles but solid precision.

The Outcome

The new brand identity rallies around the idea of making impossible things possible. A metaphor that is mirrored in the impossible triangle of the logo. The brand design features a bright red and more subdued shades of blue.


Full Rebranding
Web Design

Creative Leitmotif

Impossible possible

The brand strategy resulted in the idea that surveying is making the impossible possible. Limbus provides the right experts, skills, and tools to capture every nook and cranny. Their ambition is to go down to the very last millimeter–in their efforts, dedication, and reports.

/ ˈlim-bəs/


Latin: edge, border
Engineering: a device for precision measurements

Old name: ing Geovision

Limbus is a short, easy-to-spell name that carries a feeling of history. It sounds like a trustworthy tool, and that’s exactly the connotation we were
looking for this down-to-earth brand.

We clearly differentiated in the competitive namescape where last names still dominate. Applying for a EUIPO trademark was easy and without any pushback.