About Us

We don't just rebrand businesses–we transform them.

Like the mythical phoenix, companies sometimes need to set themselves on fire. Let go of everything that made them weak, bland, and cliché. Or to shed what made them complicated or convoluted over time.

We help startups return to a more powerful and focused version of themselves. The Phoenix Brand Consultancy® has quickly become the place where weak brands go to die and re-emerge stronger.

You’ll find us in Munich, Germany, at the intersection of strategic consultancies and creative agencies. From this unique point of view, we’ll give you a razor-sharp positioning and memorable branding that will move your business forward.

For your startup to rise and thrive, this story has to start with you, dear founder. Expect to be challenged, relieved, and reinspired.

Are you ready to rise from the ashes?


Brand strategy is a lot like detective work. Asking relevant questions, gathering evidence, and connecting the dots. We’re analytical and a little obsessed with details.


You can solve most problems with creative thinking. It’s about finding unexpected combinations and breaking the rules with intention. We always aim for something weirder.


We acknowledge everybody as a human which makes us good listeners and emotionally intelligent.

We envision a world where founders receive equal funding so they can unleash their potential for society.
We help underrepresented founders attract customers and funding. Our tools are razor-sharp positioning and memorable branding.
Rebecca Sweet is the head of design and our experience brand designer at the Phoenix Brand Consultancy

Rebecca Sweet

Head of Design
Victoria Gassmann Phoenix Brand Consultancy

Victoria Gassmann

Founder, Head of Strategy