About Us

It was a spring afternoon on a farm close to Cape Town. Our founder Victoria Gassmann sipped on her wine and casually contemplated why men still run everything.

Companies started by women receive a ridiculously small share of the funding. “Two percent–are you kidding me?“ Wine spit all over her dress. It was there and then that our notoriously dramatic leader decided to burn down her generic-ass marketing agency. She devoted her strategic energy to women and non-binary founders.

What rose from the ashes was a clever business with a razor-sharp focus: The Phoenix Brand Consultancy®. A solid brand strategy clarifies what you stand for, who you attract, and what makes you memorable. It’s pitch gold. Without it, you’re not going to survive or grow.

For your startup to re-emerge as a stronger, more fabulous version of itself, this story has to start with you, dear founder. Together, we have to attack the bias you’re facing as a diverse leader–before we’re going to break it into tiny pieces and eat them for breakfast. We’ll turn your empathetic leadership into your startup’s superpower. Expect to be challenged, relieved, and reinspired. Let's get started, shall we?


Brand strategy is a lot like detective work. Asking relevant questions, gathering evidence, and connecting the dots. We’re analytical and a little obsessed with details.


You can solve most problems with creative thinking. It’s about finding unexpected combinations and breaking the rules with intention. We always aim for something weirder.


We care like crazy. That’s why we help you with what you want now and what you want the most.

We envision a world where marginalized founders receive equal funding so they can unleash their potential for society.
We help female and non-binary founders attract customers and funding. Our tools are razor-sharp positioning and memorable branding.
Rebecca Sweet is the head of design and our experience brand designer at the Phoenix Brand Consultancy

Rebecca Sweet

Head of Design
Victoria Gassmann Phoenix Brand Consultancy

Victoria Gassmann

Founder, Head of Strategy