Phoenix Brand Transformation Workshop

Our 2-day brand strategy workshop is for growth-hungry founders. Align product-market-fit, differentiate from competitors and re-connect with your vision.
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The Method

Most brand consultants barely scratch the surface of your business. They leave you with lengthy, zero-evidence documents that say, "We're innovative, excellent, and people-driven." Not very helpful, is it?

At the Phoenix Brand Consultancy®, we offer a unique brand strategy method rooted in evidence. We first collect data about your brand, interview founders and loyalists, and check on the competition. After the audit comes the actual strategy in the form of an intensive two-day workshop.

Strategic thinking always happens with you in the room. Our goal is to make tough choices to carve out your unique positioning. On the second workshop day, we involve your entire team. We immediately bring the new strategy to life with brainstorming and prototyping.

The Five Stages of Brand Rebirth

1 – Hear the Call

Be credible as a company and culture.
Through qualitative stakeholder interviews we dig deeper into what makes you strong as a team, where you want to go and makes you truly you.
Be credible as a company and culture.
Create value for your ideal customers

2 – Build the Nest

Create value for your ideal customers.
We'll turn the table 180° and talk to your ideal customers. Yes, we talk personally. We'll find out who they are and how to create value for them.

3 – Fight & Surrender

Be different from the alternatives in the market.
You're not alone in the fight for our ideal customers' time, money and attention. We'll define your niche and what you can do better than the alternatives.
Be different from the alternatives
 in the market.Make choices to find your unique positioning.

4 – Set Yourself on Fire

Make choices to find your unique positioning.
Now comes the most challenging part: We're going to make some difficult choices and decide what not to do. We'll let go of everything you don't want to stand for anymore and carve out your unique positioning.

5 – Re-emerge Stronger

Transform your business by applying your big idea.
Finally, it's time to celebrate and bask in our newly found clarity. We ideate how to transform your business with your new positioning. We explore what it means for your product innovation, people, design, voice, and marketing.
Transform your business by applying your big idea.

The Timing

Week Before
Workshop Day 1
Workshop Day 2
Two Days After
The week before our strategy workshop, we'll conduct interviews with leading stakeholders and clients and analyze the competitive market.
We'll focus on brand strategy on the first workshop day and make choices for: company, customer, differentiation, and positioning.
On day two, we'll immediately bring the strategy to life. We'll involve your team with creative exercises, brainstormings, and prototypes.
Two days after our workshop, you'll receive the results, including the qualitative and quantitative research, in a brand strategy summary.

The Deliverables

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