Our Services

Brand Positioning

Fine-tune your startup's market presence with our tailored brand positioning package options. Ignite, Ember, or Flame—each is designed to spotlight your vision, ensuring your brand not only enters the market but makes a lasting impression.

Brand Naming

If done well, your brand name is a solid mental anchor. A great name piques attention and makes people wonder about the story behind your company. Our two-week process, the Phoenix Brand Evocation, will result in the perfect brand name that will draw people in and leave a lasting impression.

Visual Brand Audit

Not sure if you need to rebrand your startup? Start with a visual brand audit! Our seven-day process evaluates the quality of your current branding and guides your startup's way forward.

Full Rebranding

The Phoenix Flaming Startup is our full rebranding offer for pre-seed and seed-stage startups. Our eight-week rebranding process transforms your existing startup from the inside out: strategy, naming, and design.