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Struggling to carve out a unique space in an oversaturated market?
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The Power of Positioning

Positioning is your startup's lifeline in a cutthroat market. A shocking 42% of startups fail because they created products nobody wanted. That's a strategy failure, plain and simple, often stemming from unclear positioning.

We're here to save you from the startup graveyard. We craft a unique and differentiated positioning for you. We don't just aim for your target audience to know you exist; we make them remember you for all the right reasons.

Razor-sharp positioning helps you to:

  • Align product-market-fit
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Reconnect with your vision
  • Build a foundation for growth

Why Choose Phoenix Brand Consultancy® ?

Most marketers barely scratch the surface of your startup. They leave you with lengthy, zero-evidence documents that say, "We're innovative, excellent, and people-driven."

Not very helpful, is it?

At the Phoenix Brand Consultancy®, we offer a unique brand strategy method rooted in evidence.

Think about a partner who gets things moving fast, truly works with you hand in hand, and brings the experience of a seasoned brand expert with facts and figures to back it all up. That's us.

We're here to guide you away from the surface-level-do-it-yourself approach to one that's nailed down with certainty.

Let's cut through the complexity and get you standing out in your obvious uniqueness.

Are you ready to burn down what makes your brand weak and rise from the ashes?

The Process

We start with diagnosis

Get a clear understanding of your brand's current status with our data-driven approach. We gather insights through research, interviews, surveys and competitive analysis to diagnose your brand's health.

Data-driven insights:

  • Company
  • Client/Customer
  • Competition

That feeds into strategy

After the diagnosis comes the strategy in the form of an intensive workshop. Strategic thinking always happens with you in the room. Our goal is to make tough choices to carve out your unique positioning.

Collaborative outcome:

  • Brand DNA
  • Creative Leitmotif
  • Positioning

Positioning Package Options

We provide personalized brand positioning packages for startups at all stages, from pre-seed to scale-up.

For hands-on founders
3.500 €
Get started with:
In-depth founder interviews
Guidance with prospect interviews and market research
Pre-recorded workshops
Brand positioning workshop
Brand strategy summary
For growing startups
9.000 €
Everything in Ignite, plus:
Additional stakeholder interviews
In-depth prospect interviews
Full market research
Keyword and share of search analysis
Evaluation of qualitative and quantitative data
For scaling businesses
On request
Everything in Ember, plus:
Quantitative employee survey
Quantitative brand tracking with external audience
Evaluation of custom data
Internal change communication
Competitor perceptual map


Laura Schaack, CEO Tattd, New York

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you so, so much for such a wonderful positioning workshop! It was an amazing experience and we were able to unearth so much. And of course your guidance was essential to get us there!"

About Tattd

At Tattd, we've created a mobile app that connects tattooed individuals with the perfect artists for their desired style. 

Our marketplace makes it easy for clients to filter by style and location and seamlessly book and pay for services. Artists enjoy more high-quality bookings for their services.

We aim to create a blood bond between clients and artists by encouraging a sense of community and artistic excellence.

"I very much enjoyed the process and the result of this brand positioning exercise. You have a real talent for creating boundaries that trigger creativity without getting lost. Also for formulating the hard-to-grasp. I feel very aligned with the brand positioning as we defined it."

About Point Twelve

We are Point Twelve, a nimble force in the Regulatory Technology sphere, specializing in automating carbon certification

We help EU industrial producers navigate decarbonization complexities and compliance hurdles.

Empowering them with all-in-one tools, quantifying sustainable verification and certification and making them transparent and actionable.

Infused with innovation and unwavering courage, we revive the industry through genuine connections, breathing life into a greener future.

Flore de Durfort, CEO Point Twelve, Munich

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I’m ready to start! What’s my next step?

Fantastic! The next step would be to schedule an initial call with us here. The purpose of this call is to confirm that we’re a good fit to work together, discuss the project timeline (depending on your goals and our availability) and then we’ll send over the proposal for you to sign.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer startup-friendly payment plans. We'll tell you more about your options during our call.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer significant price advantages for marginalized founders to help them navigate the funding gaps. You'll find more information about our pricing structure here.

How do we know you are the right fit for us?

That's a great question. Book a strategy consultation before a bigger project. That is the best way to find out if we like and trust each other.

Do you only work with women?

No. But we prioritize startups with at least one female or non-binary co-founder or c-level executive. These marginalized groups of entrepreneurs are widely underfunded, overworked, and undervalued. We dedicate our energy to them. We're happy to connect you with highly-qualified professionals to join your c-ranks.

What industries do you work with?

We work with startups in all industries. Commonly our clienets come from Healthtech, Climate Tech/Sustainability, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Deep Tech/AI

Which countries do you work with?

The Phoenix Brand Consultancy is based in Munich Germany (come see our beer gardens 😊). We work remotely and collaborate with startups from Europe and the US.