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Our two-week process will evoke the perfect brand name that will draw people in and leave a lasting impression.
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The Method

In times of seemingly endless choices and marketing blitz, people decide in an instant what's worth their attention and time.

A company's name is often the first thing anyone will encounter. The brand name is your first impression and the mental anchor for all other associations tied to your brand. A great name piques attention and makes people wonder what's the story behind it.

Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers are scared of unique names that don't please everybody. They water down, test, and compromise until all brand names sound the same.

We believe that creativity always requires a healthy dose of uncertainty–that's how we create something that nobody has done before. We will evoke your brand name here at the Phoenix Brand Consultancy with our signature two-week process. Together, we'll find the perfect brand name for your startups, small business, or product.

The Four Stages of Brand Evocation

1 – Define the spectrum

Tie briefing into brand strategy
At the beginning of our brand evocation project, we define the jobs of your brand name. We tie the briefing into your brand strategy, look at your competitors and create a custom evaluation matrix–so we can be objective about this important decision.

2 – Explore the highs and lows

Find hundreds of names
Now, it's going to get weird. We'll come up with hundreds of very different brand names through creative exercises. There will be descriptive, experiential, invented, and evocative names. We'll give you the story for each name and explain their potential.

3 – Practice for perfection

Screen, vet and eliminate
Before we pick a winner, we have to determine if your favorite names have the right stuff. We check if your name means "buttcrack" in a different language. We also scan if somebody in your field already uses your name and investigate your options for domains.

4 – Sing the melody

Find the winning name
After two rounds of naming, we'll have a shortlist of solid names rooted in your brand strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd. Now, you'll have to take courage and trust that it's just a matter of time until your new name will feel like it has always been there.

The Timing

Week 1
Week 2
We define the briefing, look at the competitive namescape, and create a custom quality matrix. We present the first batch of 8-10 names with stories and context feedback at the end of the week.
We integrate your ideas and present two additional names with your favorites from the first batch. We screen all names for trademark popularity, domain availability, cultural and linguistic viability. In our final presentation, we'll recommend a finalist.

The Deliverables

Naming Summary (PDF) with all shortlisted 10-13 names, context, examples and the results of the screening.

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