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Our four-week process rejuvenates your existing brand identity to unleash its true potential and make it stand out from the crowd.
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The Method

Brands that want to stay relevant and true to their identity must evolve. Brand strategy has taught us how to differentiate from the alternatives with unique attributes. Now brand design will help you stand out from the crowd – it makes you look unmistakenly like yourself.

It's a common fallacy to think that rebranding is the only solution for brands to stay relevant. It ignores your valuable brand equity and bulldozers over your history. At the Phoenix Brand Consultancy, we offer a different approach for small businesses that have been in the market for at least five years: Brand Revitalization.

We ask: What does your unique position demand of the brand today? And then, we apply it visually in a new, contemporary way. The Phoenix Brand Revitalization uplifts existing brand designs and pushes them to be more recognizable. It's the more sensitive approach to rebranding.

The Four Stages of Brand Revitalization

1 – Become Light

Get rid of weak visual codes
At the beginning of our brand revitalization, we first have to Marie Kondo your existing visual codes and ask: Do they fit the new positioning? Are they unique enough? To decide which ones we'll carry onwards and which ones we'll leave behind.

2 – Grow New Feathers

Integrate new distinctive codes
Now that we've stripped the brand down to the most vital, most distinctive assets, it's time to add visual codes that support the new brand idea. We'll explore how to express your brand positioning with color, typography, imagery, or illustration.

3 – Sprout Your Wings

Develop the logo suite
After we've picked your north start and decided on your creative terroir, we'll develop your new logo suite. Depending on the strategy, it will be a small or giant leap from your existing logo.

4 – Shed A Phoenix Tear

Celebrate the revitalized identity
We wrap up your refined brand identity with a helpful booklet and will celebrate with you this milestone in your company history. It's the common reaction to shed a little phoenix tear when our clients see their new brand.

The Timing

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
By the end of week one, we'll meet online and present two options for the overall creative direction, including colors and font options.
In week two, we'll explore logo options and present two distinctive ways your logo could look.
We'll have integrated your ideas and amends and present your logo round two by the end of week three.
It's perfectionist o'clock. We'll finalize your brand identity and prepare helpful guidelines for your team. By the end of the week, you'll be ready to go.

The Deliverables

The Team

Rebecca Sweet is the head of design and our experience brand designer at the Phoenix Brand Consultancy
Victoria Gassmann is the founder of the Phoenix Brand Consultancy. She is a certified strategist and marketer at heart.

Rebecca Sweet

Head of Design

Victoria Gassmann

Head of Strategy

Case Studies

Sustainable Food Brand
Lumen App
Premium Software Brand
Kamphausen Media
Heroic Publishing Brand

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