Phoenix Visual Brand Audit

Receive a checkup report and boost your startup’s branding: Quality, consistency, and memorability.
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About visual brand audits

A startup needs to be able to differentiate itself to survive and grow in a crowded, competitive market. The Phoenix Visual Brand Audit is a checkup report that helps startups improve their branding to gain market share and a leg up on the competition.

It's for you if:

  • you’re not sure if you need a rebranding
  • you need an unbiased and unconflicted opinion from branding experts
  • you need evidence (versus subjective opinions) to discuss further steps
  • you worry about the quality of your startup branding

three steps

1 – Competitive Analysis

In the first part of the audit, we aim to determine if your brand is distinctive and recognizable in the marketplace. 

We create a sample of 50 competitor brands and analyze commonly used patterns in color, typography, and imagery.

We'll show you if your brand stands out or fits in. Brands with higher distinctiveness are easier to remember and get chosen over competitors.

2 – Quality Report

In the second part, we'll rank the quality and consistency of your branding elements. 

We analyze your creative theme, logos, colors, typography, and imagery. 

You'll receive a quality ranking report that shows your strengths and weaknesses. Brands with higher ranks are perceived as more professional with higher value.

3 – Recommendation

Ultimately, we'll openly discuss the finding and recommend you the most impactful tactics to put in place.

From doing nothing to a full rebranding–there's a huge spectrum of choices, and we'll help you find the best way for your budget, timeline and goals.

price and Scope

  • Research and analysis of the brand landscape in your industry
  • Finding commonly used patterns in color, logo, typography and imagery
  • Comparison with 50 competitor brands
  • Evaluation of the current brand design: legibility, contrast, responsiveness, correct use of typography, etc.
  • All visual brand audit results come in a summary (10-15 pages)
  • Discussion and recommendations in a live call (60 min)
Investment:  2.300 Euro
(Read about our pricing advantages for underrepresented founders)

The Team

Rebecca Sweet is the head of design and our experience brand designer at the Phoenix Brand Consultancy
Victoria Gassmann Phoenix Brand Consultancy

Rebecca Sweet

Head of Design

Victoria Gassmann

Head of Strategy

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What happens after a visual brand audit?

Depending on your budget, timeline and goals we'll discuss your options. With the audit report, you'll receive a perfect briefing for any designer who wants to improve your brand design. You're absolutely free to tackle these in-house, hire a freelancer or keep working with the Phoenix Brand Consultancy. We usually suggest either a Brand Revitalization or a Full Rebranding.

How do we know you are the right fit for us?

That's a great question. Book a strategy consultation before a bigger project. That is the best way to find out if we like and trust each other.

Do you only work with women?

No. But we prioritize startups with at least one female or non-binary co-founder or c-level executive. These marginalized groups of entrepreneurs are widely underfunded, overworked, and undervalued. We dedicate our energy to them. We're happy to connect you with highly-qualified professionals to join your c-ranks.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer significant price advantages for marginalized founders to help them navigate the funding gaps. You'll find more information about our pricing structure here.

Which countries do you work with?

The Phoenix Brand Consultancy is based in Munich Germany (come see our beergardens ;)). We work remotely and collaborate with startups from Europe and the US.