Phoenix Brand Diagnosis

In two weeks, we’ll audit your current brand image and walk you through your strengths and weaknesses.
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The Method

Is your brand strong enough to survive in the competitive marketplace? Do you need to rebrand your startup? Should you change your communication?

No decent doctor would prescribe you a drug without a proper diagnosis. The same rule applies to your business. First, we have to assess the status quo of your brand before we make any significant–and costly–changes.

In our signature method called Phoenix Brand Diagnosis, we find evidence-based insights. We audit your brand to identify how customers currently perceive you. You’ll get an overview of the most dominant positive and negative associations that currently make up your brand image.

We'll walk you through our findings and give you a strategic recommendation of where to go from here.

The Process

Week 1
We start off by immersing ourselves in your brand: By reviewing relevant materials, understanding industry trends and your competitive landscape, and interviewing the key stakeholders of the company.
Week 2
Now we switch perspectives and look from the outside in: We'll interview your ideal customers to understand their current perception of the brand. Finally, we'll walk you through our findings and give you a strategic recommendation.

The Deliverables

Brand Audit Add-ons:

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