Whether you're a startup founder or CEO, responsible for strategy or marketing, or actively raising pre-seed or seed funding, this video is for you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to master the art of startup market sizing.

What you will learn about market sizing

✔︎ Niche down to launch successfully
✔︎ Use data to understand market needs
✔︎ Pitch your market size convincingly to investors

Market Sizing Chapter Links

00:00 Introduction
03:07 Market sizing is a balancing act
06:05 GTM: Go small
07:15 Niche down to launch successfully
09:26 How to niche down: STP
12:06 Use data to understand market needs
17:27 Investors: Make it big
17:51 There’s a story in your pitch deck
20:35 Example
26:36 Summary
29:26 Q&A

Advantages of a Niche-Strategy

There are several advantages of starting out with a smaller market. These are especially useful for early-stage startups:


By focusing on a smaller, more targeted market, you can better understand the needs and pains of your customers. You'll make it easier to tailor your product or service to meet their specific needs.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

Smaller markets allow you to gain customers at a lower cost. You can use targeted marketing campaigns to reach your target audience with less competition.

Immediate feedback cycles

You can receive immediate, direct feedback from your customers.  This will help you iterate and improve your product quickly.


A niche market can be a powerful source of word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. It will help you build a strong reputation and attract new customers more easily.

Pitch your market size convincingly to investors

To pitch your market size to investors, it is important to:

Focus on potential

Highlight the potential size of the market and show how your product or service is poised to capture a significant share of it.

Be realistic

Avoid overstating the size of your market or being overly optimistic about your growth prospects. Investors appreciate honesty and transparency.

Use data

Use data to support your market size claims, such as market research reports, surveys, or industry analysis.

Create an expansion story

Illustrate how your market will grow and evolve in the future and how your product or service will continue to capture a larger share of it.

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