Learn how to use design to make your startup brand unforgettable: The art and science of standing out in crowded markets. Watch the recording for this 30-minute session with Brand Strategist Victoria Gassmann and Brand Designer Rebecca Sweet.

What you will learn about startup branding

  • How your brand contributes to market share, profits, and longevity
  • How to make sure your branding is an asset, not a liability
  • How to be noticed and remembered by the people you want to reach

This startup branding session is for you if

✔︎ You are a startup founder or CEO
✔︎ You are responsible for marketing or branding at your company
✔︎ You want to learn how to use design to build a strong, memorable brand

About the speakers

Victoria Gassmann is a strategist, feminist, and founder of the Phoenix Brand Consultancy®. She's a strategic partner to the most empathetic female and non-binary founders. Her clients gain clarity, direction, and growth by building their brands.

Rebecca Sweet leads the brand design at the Phoenix Brand Consultancy®. The London-based creative uses design as a force for good. Her work spans brand identity and packaging B Corporations and early-stage startups.

The Art and Science of Startup Branding

00:00 Intro
07:35 The Science of Startup Branding
08:01 Era 1: “Differentiate or Die”
11:25 Era 2: “Look like yourself”
15:00 Era 3: “Joining of Forces”
16:46 Practical Advice for Startups
20:55 Recap: The Science of Branding‍
21:29 The Art of Startup Branding
22:07 Visual Branding Goals
22:55 1: Create a Theme
23:56 2: Avoid Blanding
25:18 Method: Cliché mood boards
29:17 3: Remove Subjectivity
31:57 Questions to discuss with your team‍
33:05 Bonus
34:14 Q&A

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