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The Challenge

Create a brand that is so appealing that it convinces people to pay for a product they’d never pay for: a browser app. Lumen was the catalyst for a German-wide brand awareness campaign introducing the topic of the “free” web.

The Outcome

The new brand started a vital discussion about fairness and financial transparency on the internet. The brand awareness campaign reached over 10M through YouTube and social media.


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Launch Campaign
Lumen Browser launch campaign video bring light into darknessLumen Browser OOH campaign Munich OdeonsplatzLumen Browser OOH campaign bus stop ad

Creative Leitmotif

In a new light

With Lumen we made a promise: see the web in a whole new light. Lumen stands for surfing the web without wondering what is lurking in the shadows. The play with light/shadow and good/evil and Google/Lumen was a red thread throughout the entire branding process.

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Latin: daylight, opening

Old name: Cliqz (Lumen was launched independently in a “House of Brands” architecture)

The name was a result of the creative leitmotif: seeing in a new light. Lumen means daylight and opening and the founders loved the idea of contrasting the dark sides of the web with the light that lets you see.

We were able to secure the domain and registered the trademark with the EUIPO.

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