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Sustainable Food Brand


The Challenge

A quasi-monopolistic player dominates the European food delivery market. They're famous for their unethical business practices. We needed a competitive brand with a sparkling personality to stand and out and win hearts.

The Outcome

The Julienne name and brand identity feel wholesome and playful at the same time. The look infuses the food delivery market with some much-needed personality. Retro elements such as tasty colors round up this love brand.


Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
Brand Design
Launch Campaign
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Verb: to cut food into long thin strips

Old name: piq

The Julienne name feels wholesome and playful at the same time. The French-sounding name hints at the rich culture and love for cooking food. 

We decided to personify the brand and make Julienne a quirky character. She became the heroine of the kitchen, advocating for a fair and sustainable way to order food.

We were able to secure the very desired a dot-com domain and had no competitors in the trademark process.

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