How To Choose The Right
Brand Consultancy

So, you’ve decided that you need some expert help with your company’s rebrand or launch, but who do you turn to?
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Why do you need Brand Consultancy?

Your brand could be your most valuable business asset. Unfortunately, most business owners underestimate the power of razor-sharp positioning and differentiation until it's too late, and they join the club of 90% failed businesses. There are various reasons why their brands fail:

What does a brand consultancy do?

Their job is to build new brands from scratch help you make decisions about brand architecture (e.g., subbrands, line extensions), naming for new brands, or rebranding.

These decisions need to be made on a strategic level in sync with the overall business strategy. With the help of creative brand professionals, they also work on brand identity design or create a distinctive brand voice. Here's an overview of our brand consulting services:

Our Branding Services

Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Tone of Voice

Brand Naming

Competitor Brand Analysis
Mission & Vision Statement
Target Audience Personas
Positioning Statement
Core Values
Brand Personality
Brand Attributes
Logo Mark & Type
Color Scheme
Illustration Style
Photography Style
Verbal Brand Personality
Do’s & Dont’s
Brand Vocabulary
Mission Statement
Name Competitor Research
Naming Objectives
Two Rounds of  Presentations
Linguistic Screening
Cultural Screening
Consulting Trademark Databases

What does a brand consultancy Cost?

Many brand consultants will charge project rates, but if you're paying by the hour, expect to spend $100-$150/hour for an experienced brand consultant and $150-$600/hour for an agency or brand consultancy, depending on their size and location.

We usually propose a project rate with priced components and a detailed project plan with expected deliverables—a standard rebranding project including brand strategy, brand naming, and visual identity costs around $40,000. Reach out to get a custom proposal that suits your company's needs.

How long does Rebranding take?

A complete rebranding process includes brand strategy, a new brand name, and the visual brand design. If you also factor in implementing the rebrand and a brand launch campaign, the average rebranding process takes 12 to 18 months.

Here at the Phoenix Brand Consultancy®, we offer an approach that gives startups and small businesses the most significant disruption in a short amount of time. The timeline for a startup rebranding looks like this:

We do recommend to wait with the brand design process until the legal trademark for the new brand name is registered.

Rebranding & Branding Projects

Sustainable Food Brand
Lumen App
Premium Software Brand
Kamphausen Media
Heroic Publishing Brand

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